Guess who we met in the corridors?

The artist: Deborah Sosower

Printer of awesome. Want to see? Her gorgeous work is featured in our very own lobby. Find her at Fuse Arts Center on 2.


The chef: Linda Alaydi

Delicious genius behind Alaydi’s café on 2. Baker of the most righteous red velvet cupcakes. ‘Nuff said. (what are you waiting for?)

The radio DJ/entrepreneur: Jabari Graham

Our resident cool cat who does his thing on 2. Art, Beats and Lyrics run through his blood. Loves the building so much, he got married here!

The Architect: Mark Peterson

Want a perfectly straight line? He’s all over it! Built his desk with his own two hands. Get him to design & draw you your own personal lines on 2.

The Market Development Director: Leigh Ann Anderson

Personable & bubbly, she works with Creative Loafing marketing, developing and directing; bump into her on 3.

Who else will you meet?

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