Our Story

Located in the heart of historic downtown Atlanta, GA, the M. Rich Center for Creative Arts, Media and Technology is a state-of-the-art facility that fosters the creation of new work for startup and leading creative entrepreneurs. It features arts, media and technology companies, a prime billboard location, an in-house café, and has a front row seat to the iconic Peach Drop Tower.  

Originally built as the M. Rich & Bros Co. building, spanning over 110,000 square feet, its creative facelift uncovers the beauty of what was once one of Atlanta’s earliest examples of International Style Architecture. Bolstering exposed bricks, naturally finished hard wood floors and high windows, it mimics a New York style open floor plan that inspires and encouraging creative productivity.

Emerging creatives and entrepreneurs at the M. Rich Building work and play within suites and collaborative spaces to uncover, develop, and create content and products. They study with renowned artists and gifted teachers and are part of a community of independent entrepreneurs striving for experimentation, growth and success in launching their companies and thereby assisting in driving local economies. They take part in seminars, conferences, workshops, mixers and events that promote cultural, creative and intellectual development and growth.

The M. Rich Center for Creative Arts, Media and Technology strives to be an international leader in creating a successful collaborative model for the growth, development and launch of startup businesses and indie entrepreneurs in the arts, media and technology sectors. This model is accomplished by the creation of a community that provides people resources, support, and encourages collaboration, innovation and discovery.

for Creative Arts, Media & Technology